Your Privacy has been deleted.png

Your Privacy Has Been Deleted
April, 2016

A project curated by Alice Monaghan. I was one of a few artists invited to respond to the sentence 'YOUR PRIVACY HAS BEEN DELETED' in A6 format. All responses were mailed to Alice Monaghan to be displayed in an online exhibition.


Following a fascination with intricacy my response to the statement ‘YOUR PRIVACY HAS BEEN DELETED’ was to draw using words, subtle in their small size yet revealing my thoughts.

Your Privacy has been deleted   .png
Your Privacy has been deleted    .png

The piece is made up of repetitive sentences that approach the topic, trailing across layers of tracing paper. The piece’s transparency and the size of the wording play with the relationship between the hidden and the revealed. An intimacy which is created by the clearly handwritten small writing is laid bare.


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