DNA, full of secrets.
June 2020​

This piece was inspired by a fascination with DNA, what we know about it now and the vast amount of information scientists are still decoding. The small amount we know - estimated as little as 2% - has already changed the world we live in, from identifying criminals to potential diseases and transforming the food industry.


This field of study brings with it a lot to think on - from the ways in which our world has changed, to moral and ethical questions around what is done with DNA information - touching on thoughts around privacy and 'playing god'. Yet for me what inspired me creatively was the idea of how there are tiny details within us which tell both the story of our past and future, to name a few... where our ancestors came from, certain character traits, and our genetic make up.


To think we only know a few percent of what DNA's beautiful microscopic patterns can tell us feels quite extraordinary when pondering what research might tell us in the future.

Often drawing with little details, I consider small mark making to be like tiny treasures - encouraging the viewer to take a closer look to see the full picture in all its depths. DNA struck a chord with me - full of tiny secret marks.


Visions of Science 2020

This piece has been created for The Edge & Andrew Brownsword Gallery's Visions of Science Art Prize, inspired by scientific phenomena studied at University of Bath.

The Visions of Science People's Choice  Vote is open from Monday 22 June - Sunday 28 June.
You can view and vote for my entry on zealous.


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