A small selection of projects, from commissions and collaborations to personal projects and exhibited works.

Sophie Erin-3091.jpg

Fresh Air Collection

Created in last year’s sunshine I am sharing this collection with you as we enter a fresh new spring, one that feels so very long awaited. These small artworks feel like precious echoes in time, abstracting details found in nature into expressive and intricate marks. These intimate pieces whispering a sense of hope, and joy to be found in the little things.

Wildflower Scarf -  Sophie Erin-1326.jpg

Wildflower Scarf

As part of the Wildflower Collection, I have released my first wearable artwork into the wild.

Designed by hand and then digitally printed on to soft floaty fabric with eco ink, this crisp snowy white scarf will be the first of many bespoke designs.

Miniature Artworks - Sophie Erin Evans-0

Wildflower Collection

These works are full of dreamt up details, inspired by foliage in my wild garden, dried flowers in my home or plants on my walks. I think of the miniature artworks as pocket-size gardens - as if they're little places themselves to find a moment of beauty and calm in your home.

DNA, full of secrets.
2020 think we only know a few percent of what DNA's beautiful microscopic patterns can tell us feels quite extraordinary when pondering what research might tell us in the future...

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Window Drawing
2019 onwards

A commission for central Bath cafe Cascara. Hand drawn across two windows, each of these unique designs feature drawings inspired by a variety of leaves from ferns to ivy.


Marks of Time
2019 onwards

My commission for Halsway Manor, National Centre for Folk Arts, looked into the human history of the place. Exploring memories through old photographs from their archives, and thinking about how the moments and patterns of a place stay with us yet distort in our memory.

Sophie Erin Cooper - TBW Drawing Prize-4

A Split Second of Humanity (Phase 2)
2018 - 2019

This piece was selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018, and continues to be exhibited in 2019.

This piece simultaneously explores impermanence and preservation. Made up of dried eucalyptus leaves with intricately painted patterns, the work investigates humanity and nature's intertwining relationship and impact on one another.


Forest of Imagination Workshop
October, 2018

The creation of a giant miniature forest, inviting children and adults to create their own tree from sticks, paper and found materials.

This workshop and the resulting installation was apart of Forest of Imagination 2018, an annual pop-up festival in Bath created by Grant Associates and charity 5x5x5=creativity (now named House of Imagination)


Look Closer: Can you see the colours?
September & October 2018

A painting on the Andrew Brownsword Gallery floor and wall for the Visions of Science Art Prize. 

Playing with pattern, this piece combines Pi, an indicator in pattern formation as studied in Mathematical Sciences, and personal experiences of Synaesthesia - a condition that simultaneously links one sense to another. 

Sophie Erin Cooper-1.jpg

Ink Collection
October, 2017

I created a collection of works influenced from the patterns in natural objects and plants. From seaweed to bark, I found details to integrate in to trails of ink drawings, experimenting with colours and forms to create works that act as a reminder to notice the little moments and intricacies that surround us.

The Things I Remembered, August 2017-34.jpg

The Things I Remembered
August, 2017

A collection of objects, notebooks, art books and drawings exploring the idea of Identity, and the stories we curate for ourselves. The selection of items displayed in  a glass cabinet for 44AD artspace's Summer Eighthwonder exhibition.

A Tangent 2.jpg

A Tangent
May & June, 2017

A site specific trail of drawing across 44AD artspace gallery for Fringe Arts Bath Open Art Prize. The abstract marks changing medium as they alter surface; from pencil drawing on walls, to pen on windows and white acrylic paint across the floor.


A Split Second of Humanity (Phase 1)
February, 2017

A piece using tiny words in fine line pen on soft paper. The texts primary function as a tool of communication obstructed by creases, the size of the wording and the legibility of the handwriting.

Sophie Erin Cooper-7.jpg

December, 2016

A site specific window painting at 44AD artspace for their annual Christmas Exhibition. The line drawing in white acrylic paint inspired by frost found on windows.

Forgotten Fibres Installation - Sophie Erin Cooper-18.jpg

Forgotten Fibres
November, 2016

Forgotten Fibres was a project conceived for Find another Bath, a book that draws together a wide range of artists and poets local to Bath to respond to various aspects, locations and associations of Bath that are often overlooked or forgotten. For the Find Another Bath book and it's coinciding exhibition I created two works using wool, drawing on the woollen industry in Bath's history.

Petals - Sophie Erin Cooper-22.jpg

Mark, Touch, Press

August, 2016 

An installation responding to the question 'Where is your humanity?',  looking at our ever contradictory relationship with the natural world. These petals hang pinned like specimens on the wall, illustrating our awe and fascination with the natural world in all its fragility and immenseness, yet our ruthlessness to so readily manipulate or disregard it.

Faded Garden_-6.jpg

Faded Garden & Defining Lines
July, 2016

A hung installation, small framed piece and experimentation with the dried tulips from Floating Garden. This project was in response to an invitation from 44AD artspace and Dorothy House for artists to donate tulip artworks for this fundraising exhibition in central Bath.

Sophie Erin Cooper - Floating Garden-.jpg

Floating Garden 
May & June, 2016

This suspended flower installation reached up from the floor to above visitors heads, forming a beautiful arch in the heart of Bath's much loved building, Walcot Chapel. The delicate installation invited visitors to walk through it, giving them an opportunity to experience an intimate connection with the natural world.

Your Privacy has been deleted   .png

Your Privacy Has Been Deleted
April, 2016

A piece in response to the statement 'your privacy has been deleted', using small words on tracing paper to play with the relationship between the hidden and the revealed. This work was part of an online exhibition all responding to the text in a variety of ways.


A Secret Language
September 2015 & May/June 2016

This subtle and simplistic work encompasses two elements of drawing that echo the notion of language. From formations of brail-like pin holes across the surfaces, to the composition of the work on the wall - employing spaces as if punctuation in the works patternless rhythm.