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The Things I Remembered
August, 2017

A collection of objects, notebooks, art books and drawings exploring the idea of Identity, and the stories we curate for ourselves. The selection of items displayed in a glass cabinet for 44AD artspace's Summer Eighthwonder exhibition.


I am fascinated by the way we come to terms with the 'self', my dissertation asked whether we are the sculptors of our own identities, whether they are simply a work of fiction.

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The Things I Remembered, August 2017-39.

We so often illustrate and determine our identity by the things we surround ourselves with; the intentional and the unavoidable. Our identity fitting together in an imperfect juxtaposition of contradicting elements. These oddities a mixture of hand picked associations alongside traits and references to our culture, traditions and a compilation of accidental and purposeful moments and memories.


For the exhibition I presented a juxtaposition of items representational of this, to act as a visual diary or unconventional self portrait.

The Things I Remembered, August 2017-18.

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