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Forgotten Fibres
November, 2016

Forgotten Fibres was a project conceived for Find another Bath, a book that draws together a wide range of artists and poets local to Bath to respond to various aspects, locations and associations of Bath that are often overlooked or forgotten. The book was launched at an exhibition of the same name at 44AD artspace running between Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th November.


The book mainly focuses on the industrial history of Bath and my project looked in to the textile mills, using wool as my medium to experiment with along side drawing.

Forgotten Fibres has resulted in two works, one piece featured in the Find Another Bath book. This framed work merges unravelled strands of wool and intricate paintings across layers of tracing paper. This transparent material reveals wool and paintings under each layer without showing their details in full, with the notion of forgotten information fading away. In the exhibition the piece was shown in a glass-less frame, giving the viewer a more direct relationship with the materials and allowing any movement in the environment to effect the wool.

Forgotten Fibres Installation - Sophie E
Forgotten Fibres Installation - Sophie E

The second piece was an installation in the Find another Bath exhibition, shown alongside the Forgotten Fibres framed work. The installation incorporated both wool I had felted and wool that I had unraveled, suspended in the space as if caught in a moment in time. The piece occupied the corner of the gallery, like cobwebs - echoing the overlooked and long untouched history of Bath's woollen industry. The pale wool casting shadows on the walls like ghosts of those from another time, hanging as fragments of so much that has been lost.

The Find another Bath book is a rich mix of works and subjects that celebrate the many facets of the city of Bath, drawing on the effects of passing time and how things change, are erased, suppressed or forgotten.


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